International Training Program on Mountain Torrents and Geological Disasters Prevention Technology in April 2015 held in Wuhan, China
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The International Training Program on Mountain Torrents and Geological Disasters Prevention Technology is specially designed for qualified mid-to-high level administrators and experts from Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Pakistan, India ,Bangladesh and Secretariat of Mekong River Commission to  learn monitoring, forecasting and control technologies on mountain torrents and geological disasters.

The program to be held during 13th and 22th in April, 2015 in Wuhan City, China aims to promote the application of advanced technologies and concepts in the field of Mountain Torrents and Geological Disasters Prevention, and provide a platform for exchange, communication and cooperation between different countries. The program is mainly consisted of Technical Courses, Field Investigations and Progress Reporting, the details can be referred in the Invitation letter.

The program is sponsored by the Ministry of Water Resource (MWR) of China. Changjiang Water Resource Commission (CWRC) will provide technical assistance and be responsible for implementation of the program. The program covers all related costs, including tuition, documentation, international air tickets, local transportation, insurance, field investigation, accommodation and meals. The personal expense will not be covered by the program.

If you are interested in this training program, please find the application form in the attachment. The fill technical guidance also can be found in this application form, please fill the form seriously and submit to Dr. Honghu Liu (Email: honghu2005@gmail.com) no later than March 31, 2015. The quota of this training program is limited, and the organizers will announce the selection results and the detailed schedule of this program before April 5, 2015 by email.

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